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Neuters Under Sedation & Local Block

  Mature Cats
Hydromorphone/Midazolam/Medetomidine Buprenorphine/Midazolam/Medetomidine
IM sedation injection Presedation
15 minutes post IM injection IT block placement
Right IT block Neuter Side 1
Left IT block Neuter Side 2
Neuter Side1 70 minutes postsedation injection
Neuter Side 2
  The patient above is a 3 to 4 year old DSH stray presenting in good overall health. He was a reasonably nice but nervous cat. His analgesic sedative combination included 0.1 mg/kg hydromorphone, 0.2 mg/kg midazolam, and 0.015 mg/kg medetomidine combined and given IM in the epaxial muscle group. At 15 minutes post-injection he was quite relaxed. 1 mg/kg each of lidocaine and bupivacaine were combined to provide the regional/local anesthesia. A 25g 5/8 inch needle was used for the right block, a 27g 5/8" needle for the left block. Some local agent was focused under the scrotal incisional site. Oscillometric SAPs ran in the 120 - 130 mmHg range with MAPs in the 80s and 90s mmHg while Doppler Bps were in the low 140 mmHg range. Quiet, uneventful recovery. No reversal agents used.      
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