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    Pop-off Occlusion Valves
    Dr. Bob Stein

Pop-off occlusion valves can be a real life saver - literally. It is not uncommon to see discussions of serious adverse events including fatal outcomes from barotrauma caused by pop-off valves that were inadvertently left in the closed position.

These occlusion valves attach to the exhaust tubing of the anesthetic machine's pop-off valve. When the button is pressed gas flow through the valve is blocked allowing for positive pressure ventilation of the patient. When released the spring loaded value immediate opens allowing for free gas flow.

The valve may require an adaptor to securely mount on the pop-off valve tubing and may require an adaptor to connect securely to the scavenging system.

The Surgivet brand valve (V7309) normally costs about $50.00 USD (02-11).

    Key Occlusion Valve Characteristics
  • Dramatic reduction in barotrauma risk to the patient 
  • Increases the ease of intermittent positive pressure ventilation significantly
  • Minimal expense
  • Could save your next patient's life
    For available occlusion valves see the links below. 


JD Med
    Pop-off Valve V7306
    A stout pop-off valve, like the Surgivet V7306 shown above, is a key aspect of pop-off occlusion valve use. Plastic pop-off valves often do not hold up to the strain associated with repeated pop-off occlusion valve use as well as the sheer weight of the pop-off occlusion valve and scavenging system hoses. The valve pictured above costs approximately $180.00 USD.
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