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a)      Classification

i)        A pure mu opioid agonist

b)      General Information

i)       Duration of effect: uniquely ultrashort acting (few minutes even after sustained administration)

ii)     Metabolism: uniqely, this mu agonist is not metabolized via the hepatic route; remifentanil is hydolyzed by plasma and tissue esterases

c)      Advantages/Recommended use

i)       Intraoperative analgesia for patients with severe hepatic dysfunction

ii)    Total Intravenous Anesthesia (TIVA)

iii)  M

d)      Cautionary Information

i)        H

ii)      M

iii)    O

iv)     I

(1)   T

v)      T

(1)   A

vi)     S

e)      Dosage Information

i)        Dog – 0

(1)   A

ii)       C

(1)   A

iii)     Other uses

(1)   C

(2)   E

f)       Cost

i)        High




a)      A tradename for the long acting mu opioid antagonist, Nalmefene (no longer available in the US market)



a)      A tradename for the benzodiazepine reversal agent, Flumazenil



a)      A tradename for the alpha-2 agonist, Xylazine

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