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a)      Classification

i)        A COX2 selective NSAID

b)      General Information

i)        Effective anti-inflammatory/analgesic generally free of significant GI side effects

c)      Advantages/Recommended use

i)        Short term use for acute pain

ii)       Long term use in chronic pain for tolerant patients

d)      Cautionary Information

i)        As with any NSAID, GI side-effects can be substantial

(1)   Discontinue use if GI signs develop

ii)       Avoid use in:

(1)    Combination with corticosteroids

(a)    Potentially increased ulcerogenic effect

(2)   Renal compromised patients, dehydrated or hypotensive patients, patients with hepatic disease, pregnancy, patients with pre-existing GI disease, coagulopathies

iii)     Monitor liver enzymes of canine patients on chronic therapy

e)      Dosage Information

i)        Dogs – 2.20 mg/kg (1.0 mg/lb) SC, PO BID or 4.4 mg/kg (2.0 mg/lb) SC, PO SID

ii)       Cats – 1 to 4.0 mg/kg (0.45 to 1.8 mg/lb) SC one time only

f)       Cost

i)        Moderate

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