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  Who We Are
    Executive Director
    Robert Stein, DVM
    New York, USA
    VASG Founder, Webmaster, and Lead Author
    VASG Contributions
    Facility Website
    Advisory Board Co-Chairpersons
Thompson Ortel
David Thompson, DVM   Stephanie Ortel, LVT, BVS
Michigan, USA New York, USA
Lead DVM, Author, Reviewing Editor Lead LVT, Reviewing Editor
VASG Contributions Bio/CV
    Current Advisory Board Members
O'Hagan Perozzo
Brad O'Hagan Bruno Perozzo, DVM
Australia Paulínia, São Paulo, Brazil
Reviewing Editor Portuguese Translations
Bio/CV Bio/CV (English) - Bio/CV (Portuguese)
Wilke Musulin
Cathy Wilkie, DVM Andrija Musulin
Vancouver, Canada Zagreb, Croatia
Reviewing Editor Croatian Translations
Facility Website Facility Website
Bio/CV Bio/CV
Abt Gal
Maren Abt, DVM Sándor Gál, DVM
Potsdam, Germany Hungary - Indiana, USA
German Translations Team Leader Hungarian Translations Team Leader Facility Website
Bio/CV (English) - Bio/CV (German)
Minghella Hans
Enzo Minghella, DVM

Hans Nieuwendijk, DVM

Italy - Glasgow, Scotland Wilhelminaoord, Nederland
Italian Translations Author Facility Website
Nora Lapenta, DVM Margaret Wojtasiak-Wypart, DVM
Panama City, Panama Poland - California, USA
Spanish Translations - Translations Committee Chair Polish Translation
VASG Contributions Bio/CV
Bio/CV (English) - Bio/CV(Spanish)  
Korponay Demirels
Ferenc Korponay, DVM Akif & Filiz Demirel
Romania Istanbul, Turkey
Romanian Translations Team Leader Turkish Translations Facility Website
Bio/CV Bio/CV
Angela Dyer-Corso, DVM Aurore Scordino
California, USA Florida, USA
Author, Reviewing Editor French translations  
Richard Headley, DVM  
Illinois, USA  
Reviewing Editor  
Star Daugherty
Russ Star, DVM John Daugherty, DVM
New York, USA Ohio, USA
Reviewing Editor Reviewing Editor
Facility Website Facility Website
Bio/CV Bio/CV
Carpenter    Willis Shore
Rachael Carpenter Sherrie Hartke, DVM
Tenessee, USA Texas, USA
Reviewing Editor Reviewing Editor
Bio/CV Bio/CV
Gary Old, DVM Rick Wall, DVM
Texas, USA Texas, USA
Author, Reviewing Editor Author Bio/CV
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